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Now available: English or German into more than 150 languages

Re: Now available: English or German into more than 150 languages

by Lexi Kern -
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Hi Stephan,
thanks for your feedback. I agree that it would be useful to have a faster way to choose the language you want. What I always do when I have dropdowns like this is type the first letters of the item I'm looking for. However not everyone thinks of that and some people think it's more convenient to use the mouse only. I'd like all the languages to stay there though because it's a cool feature to have so many languages IMHO. We could move some languages higher up, for example the ones where there are already translations or source texts. However this might confuse some users. A solution might be to have the non-empty ones in another list. Maybe with just the flags so there's more room? With a mouseover text telling you which language the flag belongs to in case you don't know?

Then again, we want to change the software so that you don't have to choose the source language for translations if you click on "Start translation." That way you only have to go through the "pick language from dropdown menu" when choosing a source language. Let's see how that feels and then think about this issue again. Except if someone has a genius idea, then let's do that :-)