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FoundCAT is now live!

FoundCAT is now live!

von Gary Evans -
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Hi Folks,

FoundCAT is now live here:

So spread the word and start translating!

FuondCAT is basically an online, crowd-sourced platform for translating creative commons texts (e.g. Wikipedia articles, own work etc.) as part of the language learning process. It currently supports a few language combinations (German to English was the first priority, which functions the best, inclusive machine translation APIs), but we're developing it rapidly now. It's also available on GitLab as an open source project.


  1. Access to multiple machine translators (DeepL, Yandex, MyMemory etc.);
  2. Crowd sourcing means many translators can work on one translation;
  3. Iteration of segments help improve translations;
  4. Error categories provide feedback to the translator via email notification;
  5. It's free of charge and open source.
  6. A Freemium model is under development to develop income streams.